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Stop wasting your money on content that doesn’t perform

Back in the day, we used to be just a video production company. In fact if you go all the way back to 1995, you’d find us shooting various exhibitions and conferences up and down the country (the Caravan and Camper show at Earls Court in 1996 was a particularly glamorous highlight). I say “just read more

Diary of a Feature Film

Budget! That mind-numbing word which plagues both corporate films and entertainment projects alike…the one word that any producer knows can be an absolute conversation stopper with his creative team: “We’ve come up with a fantastic 3D animation concept for the XYZ new product launch!” “Yeah, looks great…but we don’t have the budget…” Shooting the thriller […]

How Youtube & social media have changed the rules of filmmaking

The internet and social media platforms have had a significant impact on all aspects of our lives. Whether it is doing business or communicating with others, we can all admit that these have had a massive influence on how we conduct our daily activities. The filmmaking industry and movie business is no exception. Alongside streaming […]

Building brands in a crowded marketplace

Post-pandemic, competition for branding has never been fiercer. Brand recognition is vital and businesses are having to work harder than ever to make their brand stand out in an already overcrowded marketplace that is now joined by a raft of traditional retailers looking to reengage their own customers. Here, we look at some ways in […]

Why now is the ideal time to reassess your marketing approach

Much has been written about the impact of coronavirus on marketing and its short-term effects on business strategy, but as the focus shifts to a longer-term, post-pandemic strategy, what have we learnt? On the one side it has created uncertainty and hardships, and businesses are struggling to cope up with its negative effects. On the […]

Building your brand for a sustainable future

COVID and the resulting fallout has seen many organizations reflect and rethink their place in their customer’s lives. Realizing the importance of planning and building for a more sustainable future, both in terms of a brand, and also more generally as a human being. The outlook post-COVID COVID has greatly impacted the habits of consumers. […]

How to judge the success of your campaign

100 million… That’s how may hours of video are watched on Facebook every day. Add that to the hundreds of millions of Instagram story users, and you begin to see a pattern… Video is the undisputed king of content. The success of your business greatly depends upon the marketing content you are putting out there; videos, blogs, […]

Brand resilience

It’s not rocket science, the secret to a successful and profitable business is in powerful marketing and branding strategies, understanding how to attract new clients while keeping the current ones. As the world begins to re-open, all signs point toward a future that will look different from our past, the relationship between business and customer […]

Start serving your customers, not yourself

One of the most important pieces of information to keep in mind when creating content for your business or brand is that it is all about the customer, not you! What you like (or hate) ultimately doesn’t matter if that’s what you customer likes. In other words, we can say that marketing success greatly depends […]

From pivot to norm

In 2020, for the first time in history, the US GDP declined for two consecutive quarters. According to, more than 97,966 small businesses have permanently closed their doors due to COVID. The pandemic has been a loud wake-up call for many industries. For marketers, the old strategies of marketing to consumers are no longer working […]