Building brands in a crowded marketplace.

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Post-pandemic, competition for branding has never been fiercer. Brand recognition is vital and businesses are having to work harder than ever to make their brand stand out in an already overcrowded marketplace that is now joined by a raft of traditional retailers looking to reengage their own customers.

Here, we look at some ways in which you can build your brand in an overcrowded marketplace.

Stay connected & never go out of sight

Connecting with a large number of interested customers has become the greatest challenge for companies, and key to this, and keeping customers coming back for more, is providing a great customer experience. Almost 70% of customers say that the most important thing that motivates them to make a purchase is great customer experience. Research has also shown that customers are even prepared to pay more for products when they are provided with great service.

Maintaining your presence is very important in this regard, if you keep appearing and disappearing other brands will immediately take your place. A long-term strategy is key, with an emphasis on creating new value for your customers so they will return frequently.

Personalization is the key to success

When you focus on providing personalized experiences, you become more visible because people love to see their unique needs and problems being addressed. By getting personalized services everyone feels noticed and cared for.

Here are some statistics that explain why having a personal touch in your brand’s customer service is integral to building trust and brand loyalty among your consumers:

  1. According to research from Salesforce, around 63% of customers expect brands to know their unique needs and demands. The same goes for 76% of B2B customers.
  2. Trustpilot claims that the online conversion rate of a brand can dramatically improve by 8% if they include personalized consumer experiences.
  3. Salesforce research suggests that about 70% of customers feel that service agents need to be aware of sales interactions to grow their brands.
  4. Accenture research reveals that 33% of the customers that abandoned their favorite brands last year did so because they felt that those brands lacked the personalization aspect.
  5. Accenture’s stats also suggest that around 48% of customers expect to be treated in a specialized manner for being loyal customers.
  6. Microsoft’s studies reveal that around 72% of the customers expect brands to know who they are, what they prefer to buy, and their previous engagements with the brands when contacting customer service.

Become a differentiator

Your company or brand can easily become a differentiator if it focuses on operational excellence and strong brand strategy. In simple words, the overall performance of the company, the quality of services as well as the behavior of the staff members plays a vital role in keeping your brand distinguished.

Know your audience

Online your message should be consistent but also tailored to the platform, knowing where your target audience is most likely to be can help you focus your attention on sharing the best story for the plaform.

When it comes to building trust, what matters the most is being authentic. Remain connected with your customers, listen to them, and don’t promise what you can’t deliver. This can take time, a good reputation is not made in a few days, but over time the kind of reputation you have will reflect on the type of consumers you will get. 86% of the customers are willing to pay more to companies with a good reputation in customer service provision.