Brand resilience.

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It’s not rocket science, the secret to a successful and profitable business is in powerful marketing and branding strategies, understanding how to attract new clients while keeping the current ones.

As the world begins to re-open, all signs point toward a future that will look different from our past, the relationship between business and customer forever changed.

Brand builders know all too well that while a brand isn’t a human being, surely it shares some characteristics with humanity. Brands, like people, form relationships with consumers and other stakeholders built off trust, reputation and recommendation. And moving forward, it is vital that we focus on this relationship to build and retain our customers.

Building brand resilience

Brand Resilience helps brands to anticipate and respond to foreseen and unforeseen challenges, and to survive (and even thrive) in moments of uncertainty.

Naturally some sectors and companies will emerge more resilient than others post COVID. While consumers may be reluctant to travel, fly, return to the high street or mall—they are streaming entertainment, playing video games and video conferencing like never before. Some behaviors may never look the same as they once did. Impulse shopping, for example, is being replaced with less frequent and more targeted trips, dining out is a slightly new experience and a cash-strapped consumer who may have viewed a ‘work wardrobe’ as essential pre-pandemic, may now view it as a luxury in the new normal. Transformational times have ways of creating all kinds of new behaviors that the most resilient brands will get ahead of before it’s too late.

Get ahead of the crowd

Stay In Touch

Building an email list is one of the most simple and effective ways to connecting with your audience.

From giving personalized discount offers to running a giveaway or sending out your recent blog post links in the feed, there is no limit to email marketing efforts you can make.

Use The Power Of Social Media To Reach Out To Your Potential Audience

Be authentic and share with your audience. Your social media should be a reflection of your brand and have a strong voice. It’s a great place to build the relationship with your audience and become involved in their lives. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions on current events and interact with conversations.

Be Responsive To Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

Responding quickly to inquiries with something that can give you a big edge over the competitors. It does not mean responding within a day or twelve hours, instead, your response time should be within an hour or two.

When people get a timely response, they consider you a responsible person and feel comfortable working with you.

Consistency and promptness are the keys to ultimate success, especially when you are in the initial stages of your business.

Show Your Credibility By Collecting & Sharing Client Testimonials

Your products or services may be extraordinarily fantastic, but they are of no use when clients do not like them.

It is a common observation that people trust the reviews and testimonials of previous clients, testimonials show that people have enjoyed working with you and you have the potential to provide your customers with amazing experiences.

So, whenever you deal with new clients, ask them to leave feedback and reviews. Sharing these testimonials with your friends, social media connections and on the website is a part of effective content marketing techniques.

Get Featured On Other Blogs To Enhance Your Online Presence & Brand Resilience

Although your online journey starts from working through your channels, with time you can get yourself featured on the other popular blogs.

Being featured on the other website simply means that you also get connected to the traffic of that blog. Moreover, sharing the use of being featured on other online platforms motivates the people to discuss more about you and your brand.

It is one of the most interesting ways to drive more traffic to your website, as you make the use of diversified resources to reach out to your potential customers.