Why now is the ideal time to reassess your marketing approach.

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Much has been written about the impact of coronavirus on marketing and its short-term effects on business strategy, but as the focus shifts to a longer-term, post-pandemic strategy, what have we learnt?

On the one side it has created uncertainty and hardships, and businesses are struggling to cope up with its negative effects. On the other, some businesses have revived their marketing strategies and made positive use of this crisis.

There are definitely opportunities out there, and if you don’t take them you can be sure your competitors will. COVID has fundamentally changed the relationship between brands and consumers and now is the time to re-assess your marketing approach.

How has the pandemic altered the shape of marketing?

it’s not rocket science to recognize that throughout the years marketing has evolved, and all marketers are aware of the fact that there is always a need to make regular adjustments in their messaging to maintain peak performance.

However, it is no secret that the pandemic has accelerated the transformation and given rise to various directions.

Let’s have a look at some of the patterns that will help you in the reassessment and adoption of new strategies to better connect with customers, employees, and other businesses after the pandemic.

1.    Brands Need To Be More Strongly Bonded With Customers

COVID and it’s mass lockdowns have given people time to reassess and think about what they really want out of life, and by extension, their brands. And to put it simply – they want more.


Post-pandemic, businesses have to address these needs. To create more of an emotional bond with their customers, a feeling of community, and tap into the “we’re all in it together” vibe.

Even something as easy as the addition of simple emotional statements in email marketing content, such as, “We greatly hope that you are safe and sound” has resulted in 10% more sales.

At this stage, all businesses should also take a moment and focus on their storytelling strategies. Great storytelling post-pandemic will make customers become emotionally invested, and create stronger and more valuable bonds that will have resilience in the longer-term.

So it is very important to know that your smallest gestures can result in a great trust-based relationship with your customers.

2.    Targeting And Retargeting Needs Adjustments

Previously, businesses were more oriented towards the targeting of local audiences, because they could expect maximum purchases from the local customers. It gave rise to a concept of local SEO and the use of local focus key phrases that target particular areas.

But now the whole world has turned into a global village in a true sense. The location-specific terms are not much in demand and people are looking for globally applicable queries. The reason is that online buying and selling have transcended the borders and now everyone wants to get things done remotely.

In simple words, post-pandemic businesses should pay special importance to global SEO along with local SEO. The combination of targeting both local as well as global customers can be a long and lasting strategy after a corona.

3.    Post Pandemic Era Demands Redoubling Investment In Digital

From the minor grocery products to home appliances, home decor products, electronics, medicines, and almost everything, people have been shifted to the digital after the pandemic.

According to research, customers are 208% more frequently buying online as compared to the pre-pandemic era. As a result, marketing has also shifted towards digital.

Many individual businesses and companies badly need to focus on digital transformation and are still on a journey but have not reached an optimum success level.

Want to know the reason?

The key reason for not getting the right solution in fixing bad processes is the “Lack Of Investment.”

It is mandatory to spend some money on meeting the ever-changing and ever-increasing expectations of the customers.

Once you take the help of professionals to fix the bad processes, you will be able to reduce operational costs. It is a long-term investment that is the right solution for your digital problems.

4.    Need to rely more on video marketing

Statistics reveal that:

Post pandemic, $92 spent on acquiring customers can go in vain. Still, if you can pay $1 to make a comprehensive video and create an internal content strategy, you can convert 50% of the potential leads.

So if you are confused about why you should be spending on incorporate video production, here are a few reasons,

  • Search engines love videos
  • A video can convey much more information in a very short time.
  • It is one of the best means to tell your story.
  • Video is the best informational and educational tool.

5.    Auditing Of All The Existing Content

You should consider checking all of the existing content that you had produced in the pre-pandemic era. In this way, you can make relevant changes and optimize your content according to the modern post-pandemic demands.

So even if your business already has a lot of written and video content, you should strictly analyze what changes are needed and what you should do to avoid duplication. Moreover, it is also mandatory to improve your content and material according to the latest resources and make it relevant to the latest demands.

A change for the better

It is no secret that the pandemic has greatly impacted businesses and their performance, but as every cloud has a silver lining, this crisis has made businesses concentrate more on compassion toward their customers.

The positive thing is that technology never isolated us. Instead, it has played a vital role in connecting real-world communities and relationships.