Why companies need to start thinking about their video content in a holistic way.

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The marketing world has changed dramatically over the last decade, and video has become an even more crucial part of creating a successful marketing mix. But how companies use video as part of their campaign has changed substantially over time to reflect how people consume media and interact with companies. According to Diode Digital, videos are an astonishing 600% more effective at communicating with your customers than the normal traditional print and email messaging.

Video content in marketing can be used in numerous ways – from social media to email campaigns. However, if you’re not using video as part of an overarching strategy that incorporates all aspects of your marketing plan you’re missing out on some serious opportunities to engage with your customers.

Looking at your marketing in a more holistic and strategic way will give you the much-needed advantage over competitors and help establish long-lasting relationships with their (potential) consumers.

What does a holistic approach entail?

A holistic video contenting strategy aims to integrate and capitalize on all the channels that a company uses to disseminate information about its brand. It includes a mixture of promotional, educational, and entertainment videos. Effective use of these diverse types can help ensure your audience doesn’t get bored by constantly watching only one type in any given week or month. An excellent way to keep video content interesting is to mix up the different kinds of posts made on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube and share stories about what makes your company unique and share tips on how consumers can solve problems with their products.

Establish & nurture trust

A holistic strategy is an amazing way to establish trust with your customers and highlight what value your brand seeks to add to their lives. A good value proposition will go a long way into showing your customers that their well-being and their satisfaction of needs is the most important aspect of your business’s existence. Any customer will be more inclined to buy your products and subscribe to your services if they feel that they can trust your brand and your company’s intentions for them. The result? More loyal clients in the longer-term.

Boost your conversion rates

Merely reaching your intended target customers is not enough for your brand to grow. Converting potential customers into buying customers is more essential. A holistic approach will boast higher conversion rates than other forms of marketing by tapping into the consciousness of your audience and establishing yourself as an authority, giving you the space to “tell your story” in a better way.

Though attracting potential customers to your website is essential, the ability to make them spend as much time as possible on your website is more valuable! It is common knowledge that the more they hover on your website and spend more time in it, the higher probability that they will be likely to buy your products. Coming up with content that is holistic will exponentially increase the amount of time that your intended target customers will stay on your website. This allows you to convert them into paying and loyal customers.

Boost your SEO

The result of good Search Engine Optimization is a good ranking on the search engine results pages of Google and others. These search engine algorithms perceive sites with high-quality videos to have high value content. Regularly uploaded videos about a mix of subjects will ensure Google perceives your website to offer high value to your (potential) customers and will give your site a rankings boost.

Stand out of the crowd

A regular mix of high value content will captivate your target market and make sure your brand stays at the front of every potential customer’s mind. Offering a broader view of your brand and helps them to understand more clearly what you have to offer. If your brand is better understood, it creates trust in your customer and stands out from competing brands.

Video content is an important element in the marketing mix and how and when it is used should be carefully thought through. It is an integral part of the customer experience, and it is one that many companies have overlooked. A holistic approach to your company’s content could make all the difference when it comes to increasing sales conversion rates, and nurturing trust from consumers.