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The consumer landscape is rapidly changing and big business is having to change with it: central to this is developing a deep understanding of the customer. With this in mind, we were approached by Unilever's Consumer and Market Insights team to create a unique learning experience for their new Customer Insight and Innovation Center.

Based in Unilever's NA HQ, the center is a unique playground for all of Unilever's marketing teams. Helping test the clarity of product packaging and understanding consumers' path to purchase.

The centrepiece of the CiiC center is its giant multi screen presentation area.

As part of a larger transformation story, we brought CMI's insights to life in a series of films designed specifically for the CiiC video walls. Each screen played a different and unique section of the film, ensuring the whole room was engaged at all times and new insights could be gained by multiple viewings.

Designing an
Engaged audience

As part of the development process we used eye-tracker technology to measure viewers responses from various parts of the room and designed the visuals based on these insights.

Alongside the films we also developed a toolbox of branded graphics, stings, motion design and infographics to be used as the building blocks for all future assets.

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