Why having a strategy is more important now than ever before.

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How COVID has highlighted the need for strategy

Marketing, especially content marketing, is a tough job and it has become even more competitive since COVID, however, most marketers would agree that the pandemic has also opened the door to new opportunities. The question is, how can organizations take advantage of these opportunities?

The scramble to reach customers online has led many to question their current strategy and question how they can improve and optimize their customer journey.

Almost all businesses have shifted toward digital during the pandemic. This is because their customers are now more oriented towards online shopping and actively searching on the internet for the desired services and products.

It has given rise to fierce competition, according to an estimate, 80% of value destruction came from bad strategic decisions, so there is a dire need to improve the overall strategic condition if any business or company wants to chase growth across the board.

Who are we going be be?

Strategy involves the comprehensive analysis of the real strengths and weaknesses of the business. So during the pandemic, businesses need to focus even more on the elimination of weaknesses and capitalize on what they are good at.

This will help in knowing where you stand, and how you should proceed to overcome the competition.

 The simple and the surest way to excel during this pandemic is to focus on a very big question about strategy and that is:

Who are we going to be?

When you can envision yourself a few years from now, you can better focus on your strategic planning.

How to proceed?

Make it personal

Even though many businesses have moved online, it is still vital to keep close and personal contact with your customers. These interactions, whether they be via social media or telephone, give the customer a very real emotional link with the company.

it is very important that all of your staff members have detailed knowledge about each product and can share all the basic to minor details whenever the customers ask. Do not wait for the customers to ask the questions. To build up mutual understanding and remove the communication gap, you should tell them all the information about the product on your own.

Never force your buyer to buy something

You have explained everything about the products, now leave it up to the customer. When you emphasize making immediate decisions, people start thinking oppositely. Be natural and do not over emphasize.

Use the power of storytelling to sell your products faster

Being a business owner, you should share an emotional story or anything that can connect the buyer emotionally with the products.

Content strategies

Here are some content strategies that businesses should adopt and understand their importance.

  • Do the appropriate SEO of your content. And keep on updating your content according to the most trending items.
  • Write the content in an attractive and reader-friendly tone. Poorly formatted content will not be enough for the sales.
  • Use the theme ads for the holiday season to attract potential clients.
  • List your product on the product detail pages and below the search results.
  • Try using long-tail keywords that exactly target the potential buyers.
  • Use optimized titles with proper keywords.

Worried about budget?

If you are a new seller, investing in the advertisement towards the goal is necessary. So get ready to pay for the content as well as ads. But don’t worry, you will only pay for an ad that is clicked, and is gone through.