Process - Hub Media
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At Hub Media we’re passionate about our work, we believe in building long term relationships with our clients and take great pride in every stage of your project.  Communication, internal or external, is key to the success of any brand or business. Getting it right requires a well-defined communication strategy.


We start by listening to you & identifying the overall role of the communication and what needs to be achieved.  Our approach to developing effective creative strategy is to consider the audience being targeted and to focus on the questions WHAT, HOW and WHERE?


Do you simply require your event or launch to be filmed so that it can be streamed internationally ? Would your TV commercial benefit from the deft touch of one of our award-winning writers & directors ? Does your brand need a film to get people excited ? Or does your new product need a 2D / 3D animated “explainer” video to get the message across ?


This is where the renowned creative talent at Hub Media comes in. Once the communication strategy has been agreed, our team will begin to produce mood boards and style sheets to ensure that your project meets expectations.


Distribution of your new project is everything and so by offering a new style of 360° campaign integration, using the latest analytics and social signals, we are able to transfer creative thinking into tangible business results, through the measurement of key consumer touch points across all media channels.


The focus for all of our campaigns is on results. Hitting the success goals of the campaign, no matter how far reaching and challenging, each and every time.